Reduce redness in complexion?

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by wallygrom

Question by : Reduce redness in complexion?
I was born with a very rosy and red complexion, which I inhereted from one of my parents. I dont like it and even though i can cover it up with makeup, id like any suggestions lke herbal remedies ect that actually work on my skin to lower the rosiness of my cheeks

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Answer by Lucy
i get the same problem and it drives my crazy!!
this is what i do and they work for me..

-buy a green primer (i use no.7)

-use a green concealer
^^ i know they aren’t exactly herbal remedies but hey..the green counteracts with the works!

-and i’m not sure why but when i wash my face then rinse it with really cold water after the redness doesn’t seem to be as bad:)

hope this helped 🙂

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