Skin Care: 5 of the Best Herbs You can use

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Skin Care: 5 of the Best Herbs You can use

Article by Sean Prenderville-Finn

Are you happy in your skin or does it feel dry and uncomfortable? As winter bites many people have to deal with dry, itchy and irritated skin. What you need is a moisturizer lotion made with a natural emollient to replace the lost moisture. The most natural emollients are advocado oil, olive oil and lanolin. But first it is recommended that you give serious consideration to the value of herbs and include them in your herbal skin care routine. Here are five of the best.

It may surprise you that one of the finest herbs is a bulbous plant which has a strong smell, not unpleasant and it makes your eyes water. It is the humble onion.

As you are well aware the onion is used in many cooking recipes and can be eaten raw if you wish or if you can bear it. But when the juice is extracted from the onion it contains an anti-inflammatory compound which may not suit your taste buds.

All is not a nasty taste, however, because when you decide to make a vegetable soup again just ad the brown papery skins to the pot to simmer. These skins add quercetin, which is an antioxidant containing anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties. Remove them before eating the soup.

One of the best known remedies for burns is the gel extracted from the leaf of the aloe plant. You can have a plant in your home but if this is too troublesome the gel can be purchased in a health store. The gel is effective in treating dry skin and some forms of dermatitis.

If you are partial to curries you will be familiar with turmeric, an Indian spice, which gives your curry that fellow colour. Its real benefit to you is in its powerful anti-inflammatory action contained in a compound called curcumin, an antioxidant, which has cancer fighting properties. Recent results from studies carried out on curcumin suggest that it may also be good for your brain. Your skin will be the better from using turmeric in your cooking.

When your skin is hot and inflamed the best astringent is witch hazel. It has a special compound which soothes your skin. The herb is not expensive and there are no side effects caused by its use.

Finally, there is evening primrose which has essential fatty acids. It is a wonderful moisturizer. It is ideal for dry skin problems. It gives great relief to itchy skin when taken in capsule form. The contents of the capsule can be rubbed into the skin like an oil. If you do not have evening primrose plants in your garden, health shops will have the capsules in stock.

Although the use of these herbs helps enormously in eliminating skin problems, you need to add a scientifically proven natural top quality product into your daily herbal skin care routine.

Sean Prenderville-Finn is a keen researcher of skincare health and products. He shares his findings on his website If you have any unwanted skincare problems visit now to learn the skincare line Sean personally recommends.

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