small,red,itchy,irritating pimples/bumps on my forhead never seem to go away! :'(?

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Question by sabrina: small,red,itchy,irritating pimples/bumps on my forhead never seem to go away! :'(?
i hav little bumps that i have picked on my forehead that’s like acne and now it has turned red and it looks soo disgusting..ive dried washing turns dry and then goes back to being red,itchy. it started out as 20-30 little tiny bumps but then i picked at it and now some of them are red and some of them are brown..i’ve tried oil of olay witch hazel cleanser,multani mitti [itz this herbal mask someone recommended i use,] but itz not helping,it just makes it dry for the time i use it..and today it was really hot so it hurt a lot too along with my bangs touching it..can u guys suggest some home remedies to cool it down or soothe the pain it’z causing ? like cucumbers? or something i can buy out there to get rid of t-zone is the most oily part on my face..i hav combination skin ..thanx

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Answer by esechica
If you have bangs they could be bothering your skin. try doing your hair differently.

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8 Responses to “small,red,itchy,irritating pimples/bumps on my forhead never seem to go away! :'(?”
  1. koukla94 says:

    just go to a dermatoligist

  2. ~!Live Each Day Like Your Last!~ says:

    you should go to the doctors just to check it out… maybe use toothpaste,,, it drys the stuff up, but ask a doctor first…ohh and only at night right before u go to sleep

  3. Ruby says:

    look up rosacea sounds like what u have , i have it and the doc gives me metro gel for it , works great !

  4. starlet108 says:

    Maybe you are sensitive to hair products you are using. I’m allergic to some ingedients in hair conditioner. It may be the same for you xxx

  5. Soon to be Mrs. Smith says:

    I have the SAME problem! I thought mine was the birth control, but it could be an allergic reaction to just about anything. If you get any real information on how to make it go away, PLEASE let me know!

  6. musiclover1212 says:

    you might just have oily skin. try rubbing alcohol or toner to dry them up.. or use oil-absorbing disposable cloths

  7. girlygirl says:

    try Proactiv I had the same problem and now i started to use proactiv about a month ago now my skin is clear and smooth

  8. ♥PrPrincess♥ says:

    i would suggest you see a dermatologist because they can tell you if you had an allergic reaction, and how you can avoid having one in the future. Also they may have to give you something special to get rif of the bumps because if you have had them for a while and it is really bothering your skin, you need to get proper care to make sure everything clears up ok and that you don’t damage your skin. I also know oils from your hair and the products you use can cause breakouts but you should avoid picking at them because it only opens the skin and spreads the fluids to other parts of the skin causing more breakout. hope all work out well for you.

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