Three Can’t Miss Herbal Acne Remedies

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Three Can’t Miss Herbal Acne Remedies

Article by Brent Crouch

One of the biggest reasons why everyone has their own version of the ultimate acne cure is that triggers vary so wildly from person to person. One person may find that chocolate or spicy food causes an outbreak while others notice a drastic change in temperature or prolonged rain can cause itchy skin that always precedes an out break. Instead of wasting money on store bought cures that may or may not work, more and more people are turning to acne herbal remedies instead. Here are a handful of all natural acne herbal remedies that you can try in the comfort of your own home.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that oranges contain significant skin care powers. After all, we all enjoy a frosty glass of orange juice in the mornings and some folks even use the power of oranges to clean with. To unlock the incredible power of oranges for your next skin care treatment, take the orange peel of half an orange and grind it up as best you can. You can use a blender or a coffee grinder works fine, too. Add in a tablespoon of organic yogurt or any other all natural binding agent you can find. Apply this mixture directly to your skin as a mask and allow it to dry. Rinse with warm water and repeat once per day. If you notice skin irritation, discontinue use, as some people with very tender skin can experience irritation due to large amounts of orange oil. Acne herbal remedies such as this often take some trial and error before you find just the right mixture for your particular skin condition.

If you have been shopping at an organic market any time recently, you have probably noticed a huge selection of organic honey. Honey is the only food in the world that never goes bad and the health benefits of this amazing substance are only now being realized. Start with a container of organic honey and measure out one tablespoon. Add in a tablespoon and a half of cinnamon. Mix the two together as best you can to create a thick paste. Apply the mask and wear for at least an hour or preferably overnight if you can find a way to cover your face so that you don’t ruin your bed linens. It is important that you refrain from this treatment when camping as you may attract far more attention than you planned!

Finally, many people have been asking for alternatives to expensive and chemical laden facial scrubs that are perfect for those with acne. As it turns out, you likely already have the ingredients for such a scrub in your home at this very moment. Pour a half cup of whole milk, half and half or cream and add in a half cup of gram flour. Mix together and apply on your face. Make sure you work this mixture into your pours and then rinse in the shower. Your skin will shine like never before and you will also notice a fatter pocketbook, as well. Acne herbal remedies don’t have to be complicated, they just have to work.

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