Use Natural Remedies For Herbal Treatment

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Use Natural Remedies For Herbal Treatment

Article by devjeet singh

Have you ever wondered how people treated illnesses and injuries in the days before doctors and hospitals, antibiotics and sterile surgical suites? You might be surprised to learn that from the earliest of times, people developed highly effective home remedies to heal all sorts of medical problems. Natural Home Remedies for common disease is not a concept of twenty first century. It is an age-old practice that has been passed down from one generation to the others, through trial and error. Home remedies are based on the knowledge that most natural foods like fruits, vegetables, cereal grains, seeds and nuts, as well as other natural substances, possess many medicinal virtues.

These natural foods and substances have been tried and refined as natural cures in different countries. Research has proved many of these natural home remedies to be astonishingly effective. The living proof is that our ancestors-with the help of these cures-lived a happier, healthier, and longer life than the present generation.Many natural plants and herbs can stimulate the immune system and increase the healing process of abrasions and normal regular diseases. Home remedies have been used to treat abrasions for generations and many scientific studies have shown their effectiveness. Here are a few out of hundreds of natural remedies using 100% easily available natural products in your daily life.Aloe VeraAloe vera is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It works to soothe the pain of a wound and ease any burning sensation you may feel. It encourages the healing process by helping to rid the body of harmful bacteria. You can purchase aloe vera gel at local supermarkets, pharmacies, and health food stores. If you have an aloe plant at home, you can extract the gel by cutting a leaf down the centre and draining the yellow latex from the plant. Be careful not to touch the latex as it can cause skin irritation. Once the latex has drained, use the gel from the leaf on your wound. It also increases body immunity.HoneyHoney has many healing benefits. It works as a natural disinfectant, can help to clean out debris in the wound, and keep the skin soft and moist to encourage healing. Not only this, honey is a very effective agent balancing the hormonal levels.LavenderLavender has many beneficial healing qualities such as encouraging cell regeneration and antiseptic properties. The lavender oil will help to relieve pain and inflammation associated with the abrasion. Be sure to change the dressing on the wound at least twice a day to ensure proper healing. It has nice fragrance and also avoids mosquito growth.Vitamin CConsuming vitamin C will help to give the immune system. Try to eat foods such as oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, broccoli, and red peppers. You can also take vitamin C supplements to give your immune system an extra push. Vitamin C supplements are sold at local health food stores, supermarkets, drug stores, and groceries. Be sure to purchase a vitamin C supplement that is made from natural plants, not from the synthetic supplement ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid does not work as quickly or as well to stimulate the immune system.Witch HazelWitch Hazel is often used to clean and disinfect the skin. It contains resin, procyanidin, and flavonoids, which reduce inflammation and soothe pain associated with abrasions. It works to reduce swelling and take away pain and any burning sensations. It is also good in nasal infections.GarlicGarlic has been shown to have antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal properties. It rids the abrasion of harmful bacterial and stimulates the healing process. You can also use garlic oil, which is sold at health food stores. Garlic is good for diabetes, stomach infections, constipation, nasal infection and viral fevers.ThymeThyme has antiseptic properties and works with the body to regenerate new skin. Be sure to always use a clean washcloth or cotton ball to clean the wound.TurmericTurmeric is commonly used in Indian culture as a cure-all. It has been proven to stimulate skin regeneration and effectively clean wounds. Turmeric heals diabetes, wounds, stomach problems, etc. Turmeric powder is available at health foods stores, international markets, and some grocery stores. Be very careful when using the powder as it can stain your clothing yellow.With the natural herbal home remedies, you can get rid of your all health problems, without expensive medications, or risky surgeries.

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