Wats a great herbal or natural remedy for acne prone skin?

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Question by Sami: Wats a great herbal or natural remedy for acne prone skin?
Ok the problem is i hav horrible skin n I tried many things but nothing seems to help n proactive dint even work jus made my skin worse sadly the only thing that worx is herbal remedies but i cant seem 2 find the best 1 so any help? Also it cant make my skin dark b/c for sum reason my skin is getting dark and i am naturally very lite skinned.

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Answer by morganlefayee
burts bees has an herbal blemish stick

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  1. the5500 says:

    Tea tree oil.

  2. Faith says:

    Once to twice a day :
    Cleanse – this removes dirt and bacteria while leaving as much of the lubricating natural oils on your skin as possible. Personally I recommend OCM (details below).
    Moisterise – this helps hydrate your skin keeping it healthy, people think these make acne worse but that’s not the case unless of course it is a greasy moisturizer, cheaper are also better than the expensive brands. Personally I recommend Bio Oil, it absorbs well into your skin, helps keep your skin healthy and heals scars and spots.

    Once a week :
    Steam – this prevents clogged pores, all this needs to be is a bowel of hot water, stick your head over the bowel with a towel over your head and the bowel, letting the steam open up your pores for five to ten minutes. Do not do this if your are suffering a break-out as this can stimulate blood vessels and activate oil glands that could make the condition worse, instead apply hot towels for one minute to help open pores.
    Exfoliate – to prevent clogged pores by scrubbing off dead skin cells, make sure to pick one with rounded beads, exfoliaters with things such as apricot kernels have sharp edges that can cause tiny cuts in your skin, then if bacteria gets into those tiny cuts they will cause spots.
    Masks – as well as cleansing they can be used to help treat various skin problems, use clay masks primarily (details below).

    I also recommend a cosmetic vinegar as this helps to slosh off dead skin cells to prevent them from blocking your pores, it promotes blood circulation, it regulates the skins pH, and is also antiseptic that will prevent spots or infections. Use a high quality white wine or apple cider vinegar (which is great to have for skin-care and hair-care anyway), mix 500ml vinegar, 3ml lavender essential oil, 3ml rosemary essential oil, 2ml rosewood essential oil, and 2 tablespoons glycerine. When mixed place into a nice glass jar or bottle to use once a week, to use add 1 tablespoon of the vinegar in a cup of water to cleanse with.

    There are factors that affect your skin, diet is the biggest as what goes into your body affects your general health, make sure to get plenty of fruit, vegetables, calcium, and plenty of water – not only plain boring old water but any fluids will help hydrate you thus hydrate your skin improving it’s health and appearance. Avoid seafood and salty snacks as these contain iodine which can agrivate acne. Take a good multivitamin, vitamins A, B6, zinc and chromium help to clean up acne. As a word of warning I would also suggest not to diet, if you have ever known someone who has taken dieting to the extreme you know how bad their skin can suffer. Generally staying healthy is good for your skin, excersise does wonders for your complexion but then so too does getting enough sleep and avoiding stress. I would also suggest if using antibiotics or hormonal treatments such as birth control you discuss this with a doctor as often these can cause acne.

    Environment is a big factor too, your skin type is more prone to damage during harsh winter weather and acne is commonly agrivated by the sun so always make sure to use sunscreen – this is difficult as to protect yourself from the sun you need to use a lot of sunscreen and re-apply every few hours, that isn’t practical but do your best by using sunscreen or make-up with the highest SPF you can and keep out of the sun as much as possible. Watch out what you use in terms of make-up, this is best avoided all together but if you do wear make-up try to use as little as possible and keep your make-up clean as dirty sponges and brushes will undoubtably cause spots, also keep your hands out of your make-up. I’d recommend using mineral make-up, these make-ups have been popular for years because they cover like a liquid but are much lighter on the skin, don’t block pores and don’t contain harmful ingredients that are bad for the skin. The commercial make-up manufacturers who were once in competition with mineral make-up are all now jumping on the mineral make-up idea as most of them now have mineral ranges themselves so it is easy to get a hold of – great cover and it won’t cause spots, check it out.

    Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) :

    I’ve met people who have suffered from acne all their lives, tried all the treatments available, but nothing worked for them until they started to use OCM. I personally love using it because it stops my skin from being greasy and stops skin from flaking in the cold weather. OCM is basically what it sounds like, cleansing with oil, when you wash with soaps or washes you wash away the skins natural oils which causes the skin to overcompensate by creating more oil. With more oil being created it clogs the pores rather than helps to clean them, with OCM you aren’t stripping away natural oils so your skin doesn’t overcompensate, the oils you use to cleanse with clear out the pores and keep the skin healthy.

    To use OCM you start off with a mix of half Extra Vir

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