What aromas are good for reducing stress?

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Question by Queen of Spades: What aromas are good for reducing stress?
I have been under a lot of stress lately and when I am it makes my skin break out and is really frustrating. I have tried medication for this condition but it still persists. So I’ve looked into natural remedies and they included things such as herbal concoctions and aromatherapy.

So if anyone knows anything about aromatherapy, would you care to tell me what scents are good for stress relief?

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Answer by Sijee
Try Lavender (it works for me)

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6 Responses to “What aromas are good for reducing stress?”
  1. Dr. Frank C. M.D. says:

    Burning marijuana.

  2. Donna Marie says:

    chamomile and lavender

  3. Spikeasaur says:

    Try buying packs of incense which include Sandalwood, Lavender, Patchouli or Nutmeg. These aromas are very useful for relaxing your muscles and clearing your head of its stuffiness.

  4. Megz says:

    Lavender, Mint, Tea tree oil is very good, honestly…try some different ones out…you might be suprised to find that something citrusy will have a calming effect on you. I love all aromatherapy scents…just pick one you like 🙂 Good luck

  5. aromatherapycourses says:

    As a certified aromatherapist I would suggest Lavender as the #1 essential oil to use. Other choices would be Chamomile and/or Bergamot

    It really depends on what you personally find attractive to your personal senses.

    Many of my clients prefer the Lavender. Lavender can be used in an aromatherapy diffuser, or as an alternative, you can dilute Lavender in a bottle with carrier oil at a 2.5% dilution and rub this on your arms and hands. Other alternatives is adding your favorite essential oil to a bottle that contains sea salt. This makes it perfectly portable and you can take it out and take a whiff when you are feeling stressed.

    I realize that many Internet sites say that you can use Lavender “neat” that means directly on the skin without using a carrier oil, but I don’t agree. I have had clients that were very sensitive and found that their skin broke out when they didn’t dilute it.

    I hope that helps you and answers your question.

    p.s. I always recommend a good aromatherapy course for people interested in aromatherapy. What is up on the Internet is not always the best advice and can be harmful if used inappropriately.

  6. Danu says:

    first, aromatherapy is not just about their scents, thats just an added bonus, they are used for healing the on all levels (physical, mental, spiritual) lavender essential oil will not only soothe your stress, but your skin as well. and it can be applied directly to your breakouts. citrus oils are also good for skin and for reducing stress, but they need to be added to a base/carrier oil before applying to the skin. inhaling can be beneficial though. my favourite is grapefruit. rose is also soothing but very expensive.

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