what can i do to realine my hormons without taking persciption medication?

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by Charl de Mille-Isles

Question by jennifer d: what can i do to realine my hormons without taking persciption medication?
i have tried eveyrthing to lose weight after my child was born and can’t seem to lose a single pound. all roads lead to my thyroid but my insurance is out of commision and i can’t aford the testing and perscriptions. i just want to lose thes pesky 30lbs that wont go away after it litterly showed up over night. the doctors said it would just go away the same way it came and well i waited for a while then tried dieting and extersizing everyday for at least an hour at the gmy sometimes longer and sometimes burning more than i ate that day and still i got zero results. my eyebrows have been falling out, my skin is getting red and puffy, and i’m tired of hating my body because i miss my old clothing that i can’t fit into. i think there is a fruit of herbal remedy that re-alines hormons when they become unbalanced but i don’t remember what it was, so if someone could please help and let me know?????

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Answer by blondietatt04
Go to DrWeil.com, or Prevention magazine’s website, or to womenshealth.com, you could also go to the health department to get some advice. Good luck.

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  1. whatLolawants says:

    keep exercising! eat no junk food, lots of veggies-often raw, like tomatoes, red peppers,cucumbers,the inside of white cabbage.Eat lots of water melon, red grapes. drink about eight 10oz glasses of water per day Use no butter just a Little Olive oil, don’t eat red meat or high fat content cheese. Drink only reduced fat milk (fatfree doesn’t really taste good . Don’t, I said DON;T eat junk food!!!——–and———-BE PATIENT!
    I tell you ; it took me about two weeks to establish a regimen I feel great,have less headaches and lost 7 pounds in two weeks.

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