What kind of acne and skin regenerative method(s)/product(s) actually work? Advice welcome as well.?

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Question by JJ: What kind of acne and skin regenerative method(s)/product(s) actually work? Advice welcome as well.?
I have VERY oily skin; my face would become shiny and oily within minutes after I wash/clean/wipe it. I used to wash my face like 5 times a day until a friend told me that washing my face too much can actually cause it to be more oily, so now I only wash it twice a day — still oily.

I had severe acne during my early teenage years, which left behind a lot of dark spots and scars (including craters). I still have moderate-severe acne problems.

I’ve tried almost every commercial acne products & even some Chinese herbal remedies. Products that I’ve tried include: Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Clearasil, Oxy, Noxema, Cetaphil, Lancome, Proactiv, St Ives, Biotherm, & even oral & topical antibiotics. None worked!

I mostly get those BIG & PAINFUL acne. It gives me a headache when I get them around my sinuses. I have lots of BLACKHEADS that can’t be removed with those “strips.” I’d put on gloves and squeeze them out & same with pop-able pimples.

I also have acne on my back and chest. =(
RE: Smiley

Thanks for your response and suggestion. I tried Proactiv and I think I was allergic because my face became swollen within minutes after use. I found that happens to some people, too. I tried it again years later because my cousin was using it (she had a few of those tiny itty-bitty blemishes) & the same thing happened. =(

Isn’t Neosporin oily?
RE: Cory C

Thanks for the suggestion. Sorry that I forgot to mention that I do use a moisturizer. I use Olay beauty liquid. It’s oil-free, hypoallergenic, and light-weight. I must agree, it does help reduce my skin’s oiliness, BUT face would turn into an oiled pan after a few hours. I’m no lying.
RE: evening.mood

I was using this clay-like mask called J.B. Element from a Chinese company called JenBeauty; the company is located in California, but it’s mostly operated by Chinese people. The mask helped reduce my acne, reduce oil production, whiten/lighten dark spots, and kind of speed up healing, BUT it’s expensive (in my POV). It’s really weird! After I wash off the mask, my skin actually feels a bit oily…but in a soothing way. Usually, I cannot put any oil on my skin, but that mask was just weird. I know very little about that mask and couldn’t find out much because it was all Chinese, and most Chinese commercials gloat about their products. Not all products from this company work, but that mask sure worked for me. Not exactly a miracle but better than everything that I’ve tried.
RE: Irie79

Thank you for the very detailed advice. I asked my doctor about Accutane, but she said my acne was not severe enough to put me on it. My acne always gets better when I’m about to go see the doctor, but once I’m home I’d turn back into a zit bomb. I was using both birth control and antibiotics at the same time, but it didn’t really help. Like, it helped, but it didn’t “clear everything up.” I have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). I’m not sure how that affects my acne or how it affects my doctor’s decision when it comes to prescribing me medication. It’s all so frustrating.

Best answer:

Answer by Smiley
I have always liked proactive, you say youve used it and it doesnt work though…. try using it really genorously and every day. Also, I like to put antibiotic ointment (neosporin) on my pimples at night, it helps them heal up much faster.

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11 Responses to “What kind of acne and skin regenerative method(s)/product(s) actually work? Advice welcome as well.?”
  1. evening.mood says:

    Try a clay mask from your skin (you can get full body ones) and maybe change your diet, go for less fat in general, but really go for less non animal fats. Products like margarine that body does not recognize as food and wants them gone now.

  2. Ms. Mimsie says:

    Try the AcneFree products. They’re a generic brand of proactive. You can get them at Target, Walmart, etc. I recommend them to everybody I know, because my skin is CLEAR! Give them a try for a month or two. See if it makes a difference.

    I also use the clearasil pads some times instead of the Acne Free toner. This combination is good because the pads really clean out your pores. Good luck!

  3. voodootabby says:

    I’m surprised the Proactive didn’t work. You should see a dermatologist. You may need to take oral medication in addition to using a skin care system.

  4. dolaindeed says:

    Well I have been usig proactive…its okay, but not the miracle worker i expected it to be. I hear that prescription drugs work well, but they can screw up your reproductive system or even liver, so they are a bit scary. Antioxidant teas and lots of water seem to help me the most.

  5. MissTT says:

    I don’t have bad acne, but I know a lot of people with your same problem and they use Proactive and it works for them.

  6. Courtney says:

    Well yeah you basically tried it all. But I recomend this home remedy I have been using that actually makes my skin so soft and replenished!
    First you wipe your face with a warm wash cloth to open up your pores.
    Then you mix honey and dried oatmeal together for a mask you put on your face for 20 minutes.
    Then you wash it off with warm water and then rinse with cold to close your poors back up.
    You use this once everyday for three days and then once every week after that.
    But make sure when you wash your face reguraly you do with warm and close your pores up with cold…same when you take a shower.

    Another recomendation I have for clear skin is don’t eat any fast food or greasy foods and wash your face after everytime you eat a meal. Also changing your pillow cases every two days helps aswell. And also DON’T touch your face!!! It really helps!! Also let your skin breathe by leaving the window rolled down in the car and make sure to give your skin 20 minutes of sun exposure a day!!

    I hope I helped you and GOOD LUCK!

  7. BLI says:

    Maybe you should try some form of surgery……
    And when you wash your face….use a soap that doesn’t have
    any chemicals in it. The Body shop sells them and BAth an Body works for no more than three dollars a bar. It’s what we call “clear soap” or glycerin soap. The key ingredient in this soap is glycerin…if not the only thing. It’s not harmful to your skin at all. But still, perhaps you should try to change some eating habits? I know drinking 64 oz. of water a day may also contribute to clearer skin. But you have to be dedicated to any regimen before it can work.

  8. Cory C says:

    Believe it or not, and I sure didn’t at first, but get an oil-free moisturizer! My husband was much like you sound in his teen years and his doctor told him to use a mosturizer every day because part of the reason your skin produces so much oil is that it’s looking for moisture. I, at 45, still had moderate acne and tried his theory and it worked! It cut down the amount ofr oil my skin produces.

    I would definitely go to a dermatologist – you may actually have a medical condition that could be treatable by prescriptions, that may not be acne at all. It could be a bacterial problem.

    Good Luck

  9. Irie79 says:

    My first suggestion is to go see a dermatologist that is willing to put you on accutane. It is the closest thing to a cure there is for acne. I used to have the same problem as you. I had to go on it three times to get it really under control. it is only a 3-6 month treatment. It is a drug that shrinks your pores. Call around different offices and ask if the doctor prescribes it for severe cases to save you time and copays. Using topical stuff just isn’t enough for cases like yours. I have experience in this matter-trust me!!!

    Secondly, to keep the acne under control once the accutane treatment is over, go to http://www.cosmeticscop.com. Paula Begoun’s products are really effective and work for me. Her stuff isn’t dirt cheap but it’s alot less expensive than department store stuff. Her website is informative and easy to navigate. She also has a bunch of books out that are filled with reviews about make-up, skin care, and hair care. I have never met the woman, but I love her. She used to work for Consumer Reports. My mom and sister both use her stuff as well as they have always had problems with acne themselves. In all seriousness, give her stuff a try. You can shop by skin type on the site to make it easy. I can’t live without it!! I use her:

    1. 2% BHA liquid to exfoliate deep into the pores
    2. Extra Strenght Blemish Fighting Lotion. Put this on after the BHA product.

    Try getting accutane first though. It will dry out your skin at first, but it’s well worth it when you see your skin magically clearing up. Antibiotics did not work for me either-what a waste of time!! You will have to go on birth control pills if you do go on it. That is the only way a doctor will prescribe it because it causes birth defects. You will be given a bunch of stuff to sign, and you will have to get your blood drawn once a month while you are on it, becasue it can cause side effects. On my third time on it, my triglyceride levels went up. When I was off it, those levels were normal, so it was definitely the pills. If you already have high cholesterol or triglyceride numbers, you may not be able to continue them. I hope I helped, and good luck!!

  10. jzcurious` says:

    Sounds like you’ve some serious pimple problem. I know that you’ve tried almost everything but maybe you can try this herbal remedy. It really works, just take a look at the testimonials..comes with photos too! Brave ppl, they are.

    good luck!

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