What should I do about my ringworm skin condition? HELP…?

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Question by Red Velvet Cake: What should I do about my ringworm skin condition? HELP…?
I went to upstate ny a few months ago and went to an orchard. I was goofing around and took pics with my friends under the trees, etc…They were all fully clothed but I was wearing a summer dress like outfit because it was weather permitting that day.

I came back and started to develop rashes around my neck. It did not go away and two weeks went by so I saw a dermatologist. They prescribed me an anti-fungal medication and after three weeks it got about 40% better but the medication was irritating my skin. This is when they told me to stop the anti-fungal and use a steroid cream for the inflammation for two weeks. I did and it made things better about 75%.

But a few weeks later the rashes started to appear all over my face. Now I have them on my forehead, cheeks, under my eyes. It is horrible, I don’t know what to do and I am tired of going to the dermatologist for nothing. I have decided to not put on any medication and let it wear off by itself but I am miserable. Is there anything herbal or organic or home remedy that I could use?

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Answer by J B
Go back to the anti-fungal medication. It does dry your skin and it can become flakey around the site but that is evident of healing. Ringworm can take up to 6 months to get rid of with regular use of the anti-fungal medication. Steroids are only used for very short periods of time. And, most of the time, ringworm comes from cats and dogs and they need treated at the same time, otherwise, you just keep getting more and more of it on your body..

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  1. The mom says:

    Oh, dear. The problem is that ringworm is a fungus. Not treating it at all isn’t going to help either, it will just continue to spread. Since your skin didn’t respond well to the topical treatments, this would be a good time to look into an oral treatment instead. There is a drug called Diflucan which might help you- there are others as well. The only drawback to the oral treatments is that they take longer, and you might need to take those tablets for 3-4 months to get completely clear. It takes a little longer for an oral medication to affect a skin problem on the outside of you, that’s why the longer treatment time. In the meantime, as you have this all over you, you will want to use an antibacterial soap when you wash. If you’ve got makeup, you will want to dump it because it will be filled with the fungal spores. In fact, you would probably want to avoid makeup at the moment, because it can spread the spores to new spots of skin. I’m not aware of any herbal or organic remedies that will help you with this honestly. There are things that will kill a fungus, just not many of those things that won’t eat your skin off in the process. You would try wiping down with witch hazel, to soothe the skin some. Witch hazel is also naturally antibacterial, and kind to skin. I’m so sorry the creams didn’t work for you. But I do think you should see the doctor and specifically ask for tablet treatment. It will take a few months to work, but those often do when nothing else does.

  2. Melissa says:

    blue star ointment. thats what my mom use on all of us.
    the stuff the doctor gave u may have worked it probably dried your skin out cause that what the ointments do for ring worms they dry them out

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