What should I do for a scab on my nose which won’t heal?

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by wallygrom

Question by Sleeping: What should I do for a scab on my nose which won’t heal?
I’ve had it for over a year. It is small, and gets covered by skin but never gets smooth. It then breaks open again regardless of whether I touch it. I’ve tried beta hydroxy, also tried not using a wash cloth there in case I was breaking it open….nothing works. I’m young, and don’t have any other skin problems. What I’m looking for is an herbal remedy or something… any ideas would be much appreciated. (Please don’t tell me to see a doctor.) Thanks!

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Answer by Tiffany T
Cover it up with makeup. boys can wear makeup too

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9 Responses to “What should I do for a scab on my nose which won’t heal?”
  1. alexander m says:

    nothing but if you realy want it off your face pull off your nose

  2. LT says:

    OK! I won’t tell you to see a doctor… may not be, but could be skin cancer and people die from it. Would you wish me to attend you funeral or again I won’t tell you to see a doctor.

  3. bien amor says:

    Try some cocoa butter or even some vitamin E,(Just keep it natural) it’s guarantied to work!

  4. nowjr says:


  5. Orchid says:

    Without seeing a doctor, what you are looking for is more trouble. A sore than has been there over a year is a signal that something is WRONG. I know you don’t want to hear (read) this, but SEE A DOCTOR!

  6. tommy s says:

    put on arnica cream and stay out of the sun for a bit

  7. hillbilly says:

    If it has been like this for a year, please see a medical doctor. This sounds like a skin cancer, which can be removed in his office, and most likely won’t be a bad one. I have had two such skin problems in the last few years and neither one hurt to have it “frozen” off. Then it should heal without leaving Any scars. Good luck.

  8. AJNgonyani says:

    So sorry…but please go to a dermatologist. It really could be something that needs immediate attention….

  9. Go Gators says:

    Regardless of how young you may be; a sore that doesn’t heal in over a year is NOT normal! Please see a physician. Melanoma is often seen in young people; especially if you are fair skinned with light eyes. My nephew, at 21, has already had several lesions removed. We live on a beach in Florida; the sun can be deadly. Please tell you parents and see a doctor. Good luck and let us know how you do.

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