Yeast Infection Home Remedy – Herbal Home Remedies For Yeast Infections With Proven Efficacy!

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Yeast Infection Home Remedy – Herbal Home Remedies For Yeast Infections With Proven Efficacy!

Article by Donnie Bernecker

Want to get effective candida diet recipes? There are tons out there but to get the right recipes you need to know what causes your infection so that you’ll know which foods to exclude from your candida diet. You’ll get that information here.

First of all yeast health infection is not only limited to women. Men have it too although it happens more frequently to women. It can be quite uncomfortable. This is the very reason why you want to have it treated right away.

You’ve heard about the fungus known as candida. You’ve probably even heard about all of the symptoms that this fungus causes but what exactly is a candida overgrowth and what causes it? Well if you want to learn just that please read on…

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Whenever you have reoccurring yeast health infections then it might be a warning indication that you have something else wrong. A number of traditional products used to treat Candida Albicans simply cover up the symptoms instead of treating the real disease itself.

Many people are often at loss or wonder what might be the source or cause of the vaginal yeast health infection. When the pH is more acidic these exacerbate the growth of the fungi but when it is neutral or alkaline the bacterium cannot thrive. The sign and symptoms of vaginal yeast health infection includes but not limited to intense itching redness of the affected part great discomfort of the area disturbance sticky skin and more.

Nystatin Powder and Caprylic Acid diluted with non-chemically treated water are some of my recommendations for candida treatment. The powder is hard to come by so when I cannot get it I emulsify the pill of suppository in hot non-chemically treated water. I have even emulsified Nizoral tablets for douches. This tablet does work best for me but has the liver side effect thing.

My friend’s boyfriend is struggling with the candida problem. He believes he had it his entire life but it is the last 3 years that it has been really bad. In 1998 he had his amalgam-fillings removed and that was something that did him a lot worse to start with. But when he got the mercury out of his system (using homeopathy vitamins and minerals) he started to feel a lot better.

There is a lot of information out there showing you that curing your Thrush infections is a hard task. The truth is curing yeast health infections is easier than you imagine especially when you know w…

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